NextGen teaching platform


Designed only for Office 365 Education, brings a affluence and power of the cloud to the needs of teachers, students and parents.


A known quality application originating from Norway
that has already proven itself among other countries like Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria, and in Cyprus.


Thanks to our privileged partnership with Microsoft Education, we are making Skooler now available for Belgium and Luxembourg

What is Skooler ?

On an office 365 education basis, skooler brings new options based on the needs of teachers, students and
parents over a greate and freindly centralised interface.


Management of attendance, schedules, classes, integration of modern homework, communication flow with students and also the parents, management of assignments and homework, behavior followup and many others.

Nothing like a demo to find out.

A little message and we will contact you to present Skooler to you or you school. 

How is his managed?

It all starts with an Azure setup in your region by the Skooler team.


You will need also a Microsoft 365 Education subscription,  A1 license (free) is the minimum requiered to integrate Skooler.



As an Official Education Partner of Microsoft and also of Skooler, we will be your partner not only as a reseller but also in the accomplishment and support of the project

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